Xavier Pincemin
ambassador Newport

A young chef, combining French gastronomy with fresh talent. 
Xavier has always had a love of cooking and from the age of 15, it became his special interest.

He is pursuing professional cooking training at renowned brands, where he improves his knowledge and refines his talent.

In 2016, he participates in Top Chef, the culinary show and emerges victorious and has been the chef at famous restaurant Le Speakeasy Piano in Paris.

Guillaume Guerbois

A young mixologist, with a mix of elegance and know-how.

Guillaume has become an expert in the art of creating, revisiting and adapting cocktail recipes for the last 14 years.

He been awarded First Place in the most famous international cocktail competitions, He has worked at in the bars of the French biggest houses. Teacher in his specialty at Ferrandi Paris - prestigious French school of gastronomy & hotel management.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Newport collection, Guillaume Guerbois created the first Michel HERBELIN cocktail, '' 'Blue is the Newport', at the Basel show.

Bruno & charlotte

Charlotte, watchmaker Michel HERBELIN

At the age of 18, Charlotte chose to move towards watchmaking by integrating the renowned school in this area in Franche-Comté. She joined Michel HERBELIN and she was hired to work in after-sales service and at the Atelier as a watchmaker.

Assembling, hands setting, control, precision and mastery of watch parts have been a part of everyday life for over 5 years.

She is proud to represent the new generation of a watchmaking house that is proud to have a heritage spanning 70 years.


Bruno, watchmaker Michel HERBELIN

Bruno has been part of Michel HERBELIN for more than 25 years. Firstly, he joined the workshop at Michel HERBELIN then he joins the after-sales service at Michel HERBELIN as part of a qualification contract with one year of continued education.

During this time, Bruno’s workshop manager passed on to him his watchmaking craftsmanship and expertise. Bruno succeeds him to become Head of After Sales Service in 2005, he transmits his technical and unique watchmaking knowledge to the new generation.